Waits’ A Safety Razor Compendium
The successor to The Safety Razor Reference Guide

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NOT a price guide but with many references to relevant pages in Safety Razors: A Price Guide (L-W Book Sales, 1995)


“Clearly a must-have item for anyone with an interest in safety razors … .” Knife World


Comments from collectors:

"… great contribution to the safety razor world … very well done."

"… the most complete and professional text ever made about safety razors."

"… a great step forward from the original SRRG, which was a breakthrough in itself."

"… the name of the CD is wrong, it must be THE SAFETY RAZOR BIBLE !
I think this CD will be a standard work for every collector."

".. a great resource....The new indispensable tool for the razor collector."

"It's great – worth every penny."




About Safety Razors
Patents and Trademarks
Alphabetical Listing – A to Z

– Separate Sections on Brands –

ASR – Ever-Ready   –   Kampfe
AutoStrop-Valet –    Rolls
Durham Duplex    – Schick
Gem   –   USSR
Gillette   –   Wilkinson

Safety Razor Collectibles
Safety Razor Related Patents
Patent Years: U.S. – British – German



A Safety Razor Compendium
 is also available as a
600-page black & white book.


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