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Welcome to ShaveWorld.org, the largest, most comprehensive website for the collecting and preservation of implements and historical records related to the art of shaving.

We welcome all collectors from all nations who have interest in shaving memorabilia and encourage them to join our Forums.


Shaving Collectibles Meeting

13th National Shaving Collectibles Meeting

October 22-23, 2016

To view a summary of the meeting along with many photos click here.

---- After just short of 2 years in the making, the "Before Gillette" book is published by Robert Waits! ----
For details click here or email bladeguard[at]gmail.com.

The Safety Razor Compendium CD-ROM is now available as a PDF download or a black and white book.
For details click here or email bladeguard [at] gmail.com.

A book is available on CD-ROM that illustrates several thousand American made or distributed razor blade brands and varities of the brands. The CD includes illustrations of single graphically wrapped blades and boxes, which only contained generic blades and free sample cards.
For details click here or email djustus [at] claremorewireless.com.

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